The Sudden Festivals in Japan.

Every summer day from 1st july to 15th you can listen to shouting voice of OHYEEZA filled with the street and also the sound
This is a facilitate day for of the children and older. mostly
Folks there hold this activity for blessing. We spoke about the summer day above and the previous festival I’d like to share you is i-house an activity that is some kind of temple fair in China evolved at summer day from chilling-out. But this kind of small activities are very famous among the young Japanese.

Japan is a State with lots of habitudes and today I’ll show you a Few things that are Fascinating about
Japan a nation filled with opporunities and challenges, we’ll pay more attentions with this country.
Well, if you say the butt is normal I Want to present you another funny day at Japan – the

Recently in Japan several holidays like Christmas day Valentine’s day are more popular
Conventional festivals among the youngers. Cutures gathered into this country that are very appropriate things for the young people.

You can see bands of man lifting a decoration like a mount with their buttocks nude. Men and women stand beside the street sides and continue Throwing the water out of the barrel to all those men. As soon as they are splashed the voices turn to be louder and louder. This is the butt festival in Japan.

Day, belly button. On this day folks paint colors arround their belly button and are stripped to the waist. They walk into the street dance and singing.

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