How to Attract a Woman Quickly

Women are inherently attracted to certain traits in a man. This is because of thousands of years of biological conditioning. Women may not need men to live a safe and happy life like they used to back in the days of cavemen and cavewomen. Those days have conditioned them to want certain things in men. Here a couple of techniques you can use to create attraction in women using their biological hardwiring. Read on.

How to Attract a Woman Quickly – Using 2 Psychology Techniques (Stunning Tips)

1. The Art of Preselection

One of the easiest ways for a woman to feel attraction for a man is to see other beautiful women already wanting him. Instead of rolling to the club with a huge group of guys, take some cute women with you.

This is exactly why I tell men who are new to the game to focus on creating a network of women who are strictly FRIENDS before they worry about seducing them. These friends can roll with you to the club and bring a lot of attention your way.

The foundation of this technique shows how insignificant looks really matter to women (assuming you keep yourself properly groomed). For men, attraction is based solely on looks. That is why we can instantly feel attraction when we see a beautiful blonde in a low cut shirt.

Women feel attraction for men who convey the right characteristics which takes a lot longer since they need to begin to know the man. The art of preselection lets the woman use the judgement of other attractive women as her own.

2. Leading the Group

Women are inherently attracted to dominant men. Rather than being a follower in your group, make sure you take an active role in the decision making process. Also, be sure that you always play a dominant role in the group conversation.

This signals that you are the alpha man of the group.