Clinical Skills Review Is Best Source For Clinical Skills Training

It is vital to be off to a great start to one’s clinical career and Clinical Skills Review [CSR] is the leading source for medical exam preparedness through thorough clinical skills training. CSR was founded with a single purpose and that is to prepare medical candidates for their critical clinical exams by removing the guess work out of exam prep material.

CSR is a web based preparatory site for critical medical professional examinations such as the United States Medical Licensing Examination [USMLE] Step 2 Clinical Skills [CS] live exam, our first offering. These are some of the outstanding features of CSR clinical skills training:

1.  an interactive experience to enhance the learning and preparedness of medical exam candidates

2.  a specialized learning environment that is aligned with the rules and regulations set forth by the official exam provider as all of CSR exam preparation materials have been written, evaluated, and performed by Board Certified Physicians

3.  each encounter is guaranteed to be a 100% accurate representation of each clinical state

4.  each encounter will be accompanied by a complete case write up, including disease history, origin of medical terms pertaining to each case, and industry recommended therapies

5.  each encounter is portrayed in its entirety, as experienced in the actual exam, presentation of the exam encounters in an authentic clinical setting and the goal is to make the live exam as easy as possible within the guidelines of the hosting examination authority

The competitive advantage of CSR is that it employs only board certified medical professionals who take the time and effort to make the candidate’s prep experience a comprehensive one. CSR utilizes the same trained and certified practice patients that work at the testing sites. CSR has set the standard and raised the bar for clinical skills training and medical exam preparation programs.

CSR offers the best guarantee in the industry, Prep till You Passtm. Should the candidate not be successful in passing the exam for any reason, CSR will re-enroll the candidate in the course until he/she retakes and pass the exam.

The leadership and expertise of CSR in clinical skills training is known globally and its web based presence is recognized by universities all over the world. CSR is dedicated to providing state of the art Web based technologies and tools exclusively to students and professionals in the medical world. CSR’s founders, management team, and advisory board are comprised of medical and technical professionals with a combined hundred+ years of experience in their fields and the medical team is comprised of board certified professionals from the most prestigious hospitals and medical facilities in the Philadelphia area such as Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and The University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

Clinical Skills Review, LLC is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA just 30 minutes from the USMLE testing center att435 Devon Park Drive, Building 500, Wayne, PA 19087-1939. For more information about CSR and its excellent clinical skills training, call: 610 964-9454; EMAIL: [email protected] or visit the website: Clinicalskillsreview.