Biological Aging’s 4 Mechanisms and the Way to Slow Them Down

AGE stands for Advanced Glycation End products which begin to collect in the cell as we age. They can be formed outside the body (exogenously) be the cooking of certain foods which we subsequently eat or they can be produced within the body (endogenously) as a by product of metabolism. They begin to gum up the cell’s capacity to function as they build up. This compromises longevity and cell integrity. Though we can lessen the amount of AGE proteins which we have by a change in diet, the endogenously produced AGE proteins are harder to avoid. Following the guidelines as mentioned above will help to reduce the formation of AGE proteins, the key factor.

The 2nd mechanism of cellular aging is Declining Activity of Genetic Regulators. The genetic regulators have been associated with genes and a decrease in their activity has also been connected with a decline in longevity, certain kinds of cancer along with the development of obesity. This decrease can be due to the exact same lifestyle options mentioned above as well as also the solutions are therefore exactly the same, reduce vulnerability to environmental stressors, a healthy diet, regular exercise and supplementation which can help strengthen cell repair and function to help protect against these environmental stressors which we can’t prevent.
Recently resveratrol, a substance in the skin of red grapes, was hailed as the greatest breakthrough in the struggle against aging. A range of companies jumped onto the band wagon and produced their own version of resveratrol. It does not address all of them, even though it addresses a number of the variables outlined above. Something more was needed, a product which exceeded deals and resvertatrol with all four mechanics of cellular aging.
Aging always begins at the cellular level. There cause the approximately 70 billion cells in our bodies. They all are occurring at the exact same time but may vary in the speed at which they happen. The 1st of the mechanics is DNA Damage. Each cell takes approximately 1 million hits every day from several environmental stressors, such as the sun, certain foods & beverages, electro-smog, etc. . damage the DNA of the cellphone. These acts become less effective with age, even though the cells do have some self repair ability. Hence the next generation of cells is significantly less healthy than the previous generation and so on and so on. To assist in the battle against aging, one ought to prevent stressors as much as you can eat fresh and raw fruits and vegetables and reduce vulnerability to equipment. An individual ought to take.
One group of scientist, after more than 3 years of study, found a new source for resveratrol in the source of the European elderberry (sambucas nigra L.) which was more concentrated. They added to that the extract from the seeds and skin of the Muscadine grape (vitis rotundifolia) which has extremely high levels of polyphenols (one of which will be resveratrol) to generate a product that is 10 times stronger than regular resveratrol and been scientifically proven to positively address all 4 cellular aging mechanisms. It’s the product that is only presently available. This product is a really radical breakthrough in the struggle against cellular aging, Vivix. To find out more about this product please email me

The mechanism of cellular aging is Declining Cellular Energy Production. The part is the mitochondria. Without support the mitochondria wear out and decrease in amount which means their function declines with age. The decrease in energy levels is one of the most reported indications of aging. To raise support you have to ensure that you’re following all the same guidelines as mentioned above.